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5413 Meridian Ave N
Seattle , WA  
Phone: 206-675-0803

Legal Philosophy:  My Office is primarily concerned with providing cost effective legal services to all our clients. I have practiced law for over 30 years, and am concerned that only a small percentage of our population has access to legal advice. A primary reason for this is that there is a common perception attorney fees are so high as to be unaffordable for most people.  In many cases this is true; attorneys do charge too much; but then again so do plumbers, physicians, and just about everyone who provides services. The question you must ask yourself is whether you can afford not to see an attorney. For example, if you have severe debt problems and your home is in foreclosure, should you sell it to someone who proposes to give you a small portion of your equity in the home just so that you can get a little cash before it is lost at foreclosure; or, should you see an attorney, who can perhaps assist to save your home through a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? The question answers itself, and gives rise to the old adage "penny wise, pound foolish".

My Office provides a free 30 minute consultation (either by phone or at my Office). This consultation will help you to determine if you do require legal assistance; it will give you options as to how best to address your problems; and, if legal help is recommended, it will provide you with a cost estimate. Often you will either not need an attorney; or, if you do, the costs would be fairly modest. In any event, this consultation will effectively serve as preventative medicine, and either avoid future problems, or at least minimize their cost to you.

My Office specializes in areas of Bankruptcy law (debt relief), Estate Planning (which includes Wills, Living Trusts, Living Wills and Durable Powers of Attorney), Elder Law (which essentially includes Estate Planning for senior citizens, and in addition to the items mentioned above, includes Medicaid Planning and Guardianship), and Probate. In addition, we handle basic real estate matters, and contracts. These areas are more fully discussed in other pages of this website.

We would ask, therefore, that the next time you have a legal question, think of calling or emailing the Law Office of Jon A. Clark. We do not guarantee that we can solve your problem; however, we do assure you that your call will receive prompt attention and a professionally competent response.